Went to see Juno last night... loved it! I don't want to say ANYTHING about it in case I spoil it, but it was fun and funny and great. It reminded me a little of that Napoleon Dynamite hipster-esque humour. Highly rated! See it, seriously.
In other news, I think I'm opening a store on Dawanda - trying to broaden my horizons in the European direction (or, check it out it has lots of cool handmade stuff for sale). I had a bit of a browse today, and there's a lot of gorgeous stuff on there - I think there is definitely room for some of my things though.

Also, thanks to mX, I found out about this site, Catz23 Catcam Fotos. A crazy German lady (or man) strapped a teeny tiny camera around her cats neck, which takes photos every 15 seconds. Genius. The photos go on her website. The descriptions are in German, but it's all good.

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Sally said...

I have been hanging out to see Juno, am hoping to go this long weekend!