Happy new year!

Ingredients for a perfect party:

Vegetarian Jelly Shots: lots
White Russians (with soy milk so you don't feel squishy in your tummy): also lots
Vodka shots to get that kick: a few
Good friends: tonnes
Fireworks 3 houses away: lots too (best if they don't go off under someone's car - oops)
Lots of yummy pre-prepared munchies
Awesome 80s music

Knee pads (see 'things to avoid')

Things to avoid:
Falling over on the road (or, add knee-pads to 'ingredients' - see above)
80s music obsessive types (sorry, I didn't realise that putting Jackson 5 on was not allowed...)
Fireworks going off under someones car
Randomly crapping on about really specific things from Grease - sorry everyone!

Happy new year!


veronica darling said...

I ALWAYS crap on about something at parties! I get 'hooked on a feeling' and tell EVERYone the same thing over and over.

Happy New Year to you, sounds like you had fun (maybe not the falling over bit)!!!

Chrisy said...

yes happy new year!....my wish for you is that you can enjoy every day...um without falling over that is....

Suzie said...

Sounds awesome :)

Suzie said...

Especially that bit about the knee-pads. It sucks that you fell, but I like the suggestion that they are a valuable ingredient for any endeavor!