winners & grandpas

Annnnddd... the winner is Emerald Arts! I did the old fashioned name out of a hat (Chris picked the name) and Emma from Emerald Arts won. Congrats! I like the suggestion zippered pouch of awesomeness but I think I'm going with long pouch. For everyone else, I'll add the rest of the pouches to my etsy (hopefully tomorrow). Thanks all so much for your helpful suggestions!!

As a special thankyou discount to everyone that happens to read this blog, if you happen to purchase a long pouch from now until midnight 22nd November (that's 2008, just to be clear) and enter the code zippered pouch of awesomeness in the notes section when you check out, I'll give you a 25% discount. Just wait for an adjusted Paypal invoice/contact from me.

So that's: 25% discount on long pouches only with the code entered at checkout. Hurrah!

Have been busy (again) and hopefully will have some stuff to show next week. For now, a new grandpa coinpurse on Etsy.

Have been cleaning, look what I found! Some cute crochet flowers from an op shop, and some recycled sari silk yarn. Pretty.

I've got the hiccups. Dang. I hate hiccups.

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Emerald Arts said...

The winner is me YAY!

Thankyou so much, can't wait to see it :)