help + incentive (giveaway!)

I need your help! And I have an incentive (it's a giveaway!)...

Edit: the giveaway is now closed!! Thanks for your comments!

I made these long pouches as pencil cases.

But I want to know...

What would you use them for? Pencilcase, makeup bag, rubber band collection, perhaps you like to feed ducks and need to keep birdseed somewhere?

They are:
19 cm/ 7.5 inches wide
9 cm / 3.5 inches tall

They fit standard length pencils in very snugly (but not too snugly!)

If you saw this and it was called Monkey Pencil Case would you think of using it as a makeup bag or for some other purpose? Or would you think 'Pencil Case... not for me, I already have one'.

Basically I want your advice on what I should name these little cuties.

- The giveaway part -

To inspire your thoughts, I will be giving away one of these pencil cases to someone. All you have to do is leave a comment with your suggestions, and by Thursday (13th Nov) 5pm AEST I will randomly choose one person. You'll then get to pick one of these pouches which I will send you. Easy! (Just don't leave your comment anonymously, then I won't know who you are.)

Edit: the giveaway is now closed!! Thanks for your comments!


Anonymous said...

oh! these are too cute. i just found your blog for the first time today... so glad.

i might use one of these for...
- a home for my cash, cards, and checkbook
- makeup (they're nice and long to fit mascara into)
- drawing supplies when i take a trip

no, 'pencil case' is not a confining name!

Simone said...

I think I havn't used a pencil case in many years... but what I do use is a make up bag and a purse to collect my receipts! But whatever you call them: they sure are very cute, esp the monkey one...

Hayley Lau said...

Hi Penny, thanks for commenting on my blog!

I would probably put some sewing bits in one, maybe my elastic. I particularly love the polka dot monkey one.

I would call it a wide pouch instead of pencil case. If someone was browsing and didn't want a pencil case, they might not think to open the listing and see the many ways it could be used. Whereas calling it a pouch implies that there's no set definition to it.

Suzie said...

I am probably the worst person to try and help you because I haven't put anything in mine yet! It's still sitting prettily on my shelf. I will probably use it when I travel and need to take small amounts of stuff places. I agree with Hayley, calling it a pouch opens up the definition a bit. Maybe try a few Etsy searches for thing like pouch, case, clutch, etc and see which matches your product best.

alixandrrraaa said...

i would either use it as a makeup purse or an actual purse keeping money card etc just cos they're so cute!!!

Emma said...

They're so lovely, Penny!

I don't necessarily think that calling them pencil cases (especially if they are perfectly sized to be pencil cases!) would stop me from liking them or buying them to use for other purposes. That camera case I bought at the Sister's Market, I never really thought I would use it for a camera, but I loved it and am sure I can use it for other things.

Hayley Lau has a point though, I had been thinking of seeing the product in person, but having them listed on a website etc. a more pouch-y type name might encourage more people to have a browse?

As to what I would use them for, I might not be much help because I'm having trouble coming up with uses to use all the pouches I already have through both my own crafty efforts and recent purchases (including from your good self!)

Anyway long comment but I hope that helps!

edward and lilly said...

These are really cute. I use cases like this a lot, not just for pencils but also for all the odds and ends in the bottom of my bag as well as numerous sets of keys. I also use pencil cases to keep left over currency in while travelling or as a mini make up or medicine bag. The possibilities are endless.

As for a name, I like pouch or maybe instead of pencil case a 'bits and bobs case', something like that might help purchasers think of what they could use it for and it sounds cute which corresponds with your cute little illustrations.

Jesse said...

'Pouch' seems to be the standard Etsy name for this type of thing. But if they're long enough to fit pencils it's worth adding that in the description, I think. If I were looking for a pencil case I'd probably search for a pouch, but I'd get annoyed having to check the measurements for each listing!
Or you could photograph them next to a pencil - it helps to give a sense of scale as well.

Emerald Arts said...

Hmmm lets see....

Uses (or things I would put in it: origami paper, watercolour pencils and little brushes, medicine bag, mini zines, stamp collection, shiny new mobile (James Bond), buttons, ribbons.

Names: the could be pencil case, bag that is holder of things, zippered pouch of awesomeness, Just in (pencil) case

Linnea said...

I have a similar shaped/ size pencil case that it not nearly as cute!! I stick my ID, chapstick, phone and cash into it when I am just going to the market and don't need an entire purse. I also keep a pen and couple colored pencils in my purse for the kids that are always floating around, this would be perfect.
I think no matter what you call it, it is adorable and very functional!

ikkinlala said...

I'd either use one of these as a pencil case or use it to carry knitting notions (scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, needle gauge, etc). I don't think calling them pencil cases is a bad idea - I've seen people use even the drugstore-school-supply type of pencil cases for all sorts of other things.

Mistee said...

Okay so I just came today for the first time to look and you have a giveaway!! So I am looking at your gorgeous creations and wondering what is in a name, I know that this is the perfect size and shape for carring around small sewing projects like the ones I have been working on lately. So 'project pouch' would work most of us carry a pencil with our craft projects.
You have a great blog and I'll be back to visit again shortly.

Julia Anne said...

i think you should name then pen-size pouches,
or perfect pouches, pretty pouches.
maybe even carni-cases

juliaa,anne said...

'i think you should name then pen-size pouches,
or perfect pouches, pretty pouches.
maybe even carni-cases'

i'm the girl who said that, i got my blogger account today!
i hope you find a name for these adorable pouches!

Lauren said...

These are too cute! Oh, hi, I'm Lauren! Comment back?
-La La Lauren

Anonymous said...

Your drawings on the things are so precious! I love the little monkey guy!