short shorts and summer skirts

Have been a bit absentee again, but this time it's all for good things. I have made myself a page-long 'to do' list, the likes of which I haven't really written since I was at uni. I've got some awesome new projects in the works. From my sketchbook for something I'm working on...

I also had time to make myself a cute new wrap-around skirt. I bought this fabric over a year ago, so am glad have finally done it!
This is me with the skirt, and a huge bag of denim offcuts. I took some more things in to Hunter Gatherer on Brunswick Street last week, and found that they had a new rack of denim short shorts, just in time for Summer. They make the short shorts themselves out of funny-lookin' jeans, so lovely Mel saved me the denim from the knees to the ground to make them some lovely clutches. Better get sewing.

And this is something else I'm working on. I found some little frames in an op shop, and lovely Chris has washed them and painted them, so I just need something to go inside them! Will be ready very soon.


Unique Gowns said...

Hi Penny, I love your creations ! and just so you know I hate hick-ups too !Dana

Emma said...

Your skirt looks great! I love the fabric :)