a long week

Phew! It's been a long week of birthday goodness with my boyfriend (his, not mine) which followed the federal election excitement on Saturday night. On Monday we went to the beach at Sorrento which was SO lovely - it was a perfect day with a cool breeze but warm water. There was a bit too much seaweed (I kept getting tangled in it - it's good for eating, not wearing) but apart from that it was all good.

I've been working the rest of the week *sigh* but today am Christmas shopping online for family and friends. Trying to shop on etsy, but am irritated with the search function! I know it's been said before, but please etsy, fix the search function. I wish I could post photos of all the things I buy - I think I will after have given the presents.

New coinpurses on etsy... this is a grumpy rabbit.

Tomorrow am going to the St Kilda Farmers Market in the morning (yay!) and then have harrassed my brother into coming over and helping me cut out fabric for coinpurses and bags for the market. I wrote a list of all the things I need to make... it's very daunting!

Am off to a Christmas party tonight (already! it's not even December). Happy Friday!

thankyou australia

For saying enough to this little git (finally!!)

(Also P.S. I have just added this to etsy... twin kittens coinpurse... enjoy!)

baby owl mini tote

Is that a bit of a mouthful for a bag name? Oh well, this Baby Owl Mini Tote is now available at my etsy...

I love the red owl fabric. Too cute! It's got little flowers and leaves and firework type patterns on it too.

Also cute - this jellyfish coinpurse. Will be in my etsy in the next little while. Hope you're having a nice Friday - mine is involving much cleaning of my studio (I can't believe how quickly it gets messy - I feel like all it takes is purchasing one piece of fabric and the whole intricate balance is thrown out...)

sorry, chris...

I had not been to see Chris from Corky Saint Clair for almost ever until last night... I took some little coinpurses and some covered journals which you won't find anywhere else. Sorry about the shoddy photos, but here are some:

Bulbous Bear & the Unicorn. Get them at Corky Saint Clair, in the Degraves St underpass at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. (Or if you're not in Melbs but you're interested e-mail me).

I bought a bunch more new fabric for a pre-Perry Street Festival sewing frenzy. Also got started on my Christmas shopping, excellent. Happy (cold) Thursday!

made it

PS : Just realised (when I was procrastinating on Flickr, oops) that I've been featured on madeit's blog. Thanks guys! Definitely check them out as they feature awesome Aussie artists all the time... makes for great online window shopping.

new & news

Phew. I've been madly whipping up more little coinpurses - gave some more to Kirsteene from Scrumptious for her Camberwell Market stall. The stall is every Sunday (ie today) and when I woke up this morning it was raining rather a lot - I hope you didn't get too wet Kirsteene!

I kept this little one for my etsy store:

I like to think of it as my Jungle Bunny coinpurse - it's in my etsy store.

I also took a littl fabric shopping trip with my mum yesterday - we went to Patchwork on Central Park which was lovely, and Spotlight which was dreadful (hire some more staff maybe?). These are my spoils:

Lovely Shinzi Katoh trimming... so cute!

Fabric from both shops... the ones at the top are for big totes. Yay!

We bought a cutie little Seahorse Plushie pattern from Patchwork on Central Park and tried to make it last night. It went okay - I'm going to give it to Softies for Mirabel I think. It just took SO long to make because there are SO many details - still not finished. I was umming and aahing for ages about making one because previous Softie making experiments have ended badly, but this one seems all good. Am at the stuffing phase, then need to add eyes and it will be finished. Will post pics when done!

Also came up with a grumpy rabbit softie design, which I will try to make a few of as I'm going to do a stall at the Perry Street Festival on 16th Dec, run by Friends of the Earth. More on this soon!

new stock at georgielove

Just a quickie to let you all know there are new Pocket Carnival coinpurses & bags on GeorgieLove.com - there are lots of new designs & patterns not available elsewhere so take a look!

in stock soon...

Today's been a great day for Pocket Carnival. I have just given a big bundle of purses and bags to Sally from GeorgieLove, more on this soon (I'll let you know when they're available in her store).

I also met Kirsteene from Scrumptious Productions who now also sells Pocket Carnival. Scrumptious Productions currently has a stall at Camberwell Markets every Sunday from November 11th (that's tomorrow!) until December 9th, and probably beyond. As well as my coinpurses and mini totes, Scrumptious sells Kirsteene's handmade cosmetics, as well as jewellery and other goodies. If you're in the area, check out her stall at Camberwell Market! Some of my coinpurses she'll be selling are:

(Yes that's a giraffe coinpurse on top!)

This little grumpy cat coinpurse is available now in my much neglected Mintd store...

nice package

Nice package! Mmm...

Mix Tape Zine 1 & 2 arrived for me in a little package yesterday, yay! My favourite new zine. Visit the Mix Tape girls at their store, here, or at their cool blog, here.

Also, a new addition to my etsy store is my favourite new tote. I wish it was mine, but if I kept everything I made I'd need a bigger house.

is a decent photo so hard?

I really like the lining/exterior combo of this purse -

I think the brown on blue polka dots just works with the lining. It's actually got a white whale appliqued on and will be available in my etsy...

I've been trying to take a decent photo of myself for publicity and what have you - this is the best I could do... I think it's okay-ish.

cute ass & camera woes

It's so rainy today and last night, it's a little Noah's Ark-ish (without the ark and the animals and the religious dudes and stuff. And the rain for 40 days and nights hopefully). I've been having a nice few days sewing, and have quite a little stockpile. I wish it would be sunny for just 5 minutes though so I can take some decent photos. Time for a new camera maybe... I really just need to sit down and read about all different digital cameras for a day and choose one. Really. But if anyone has recommendations, feel free to tell me...

How cute is this? Cute Ass, by Beck Wheeler.

I love her art, this one's available at GeorgieLove.

happy little carnival

I'm so pleased that I've changed by name to Pocket Carnival. I know there's a few people around who really quite liked the name Cinnamon Moon, but I ignored them mostly.

This mini tote I love... the fabric reminds me of the little dream I have where I buy a house in Tuscany or somewhere in the south of France. I drink wine and smell the lavender and sell bags at a little stall. This bag is perhaps a portable version of that daydream?

New fabrics just purchased... I'm making bags from the purple polka dots and the poppy fabric (I think they match quite nicely). The yellow one is for a skirt I want to make.

I went to the St Kilda Farmer's Market again today (can't believe it's already the beginning of November) and I bought this yummy cranberry & pistachio almond bread.

Happy weekend!


Hello! Just a little note letting you all know I now have a new label name, Pocket Carnival!

Please bear with me whilst I make the transition from CinnamonMoon to Pocket Carnival... I'm excited! I have lots of new goodies to show you all, so more soon.