happy little carnival

I'm so pleased that I've changed by name to Pocket Carnival. I know there's a few people around who really quite liked the name Cinnamon Moon, but I ignored them mostly.

This mini tote I love... the fabric reminds me of the little dream I have where I buy a house in Tuscany or somewhere in the south of France. I drink wine and smell the lavender and sell bags at a little stall. This bag is perhaps a portable version of that daydream?

New fabrics just purchased... I'm making bags from the purple polka dots and the poppy fabric (I think they match quite nicely). The yellow one is for a skirt I want to make.

I went to the St Kilda Farmer's Market again today (can't believe it's already the beginning of November) and I bought this yummy cranberry & pistachio almond bread.

Happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Those cookies are actually very tasty. I've had them before.