excellent fabrics

These are some of my spoils from last Saturday...

I love the crocodile print. And the orange poppy-ish one... they had this in several different colours and I really did take such a long time to choose! The middle fabric in the top picture has these really gorgeous birds on it - last time I was in the material shop (Patchwork on Central Park, in East Malvern) they had the fabric in navy with blue print, but I think I like the colours more.

I also accrued quite a selection of fabrics when my mum and I cleaned a very small portion of her material stash. Again, I really should take photos, but there are around 6 shopping bags full of corduroy & cotton prints. Excellent! I'm currently working on some bigger tote bag designs (a bit more shapely than my current totes) so I should get through the corduroy in no time.

With the crocodile print, this clutch, available in my etsy store.
Today I am working on a belated delivery to Corky Saint Clair, and then later this week in my new part-time-ness, I will have my first weekdays where I don't have to work. Excellent! Am very excited. Will have much, much more time for my business, to make lovely things.

little linen bug

Cutest little bug - from NeverEnoughHours, an Aussie seller on etsy. I think the stuff in her store is so gorgeous, but this definitely caught my eye.
Happy Monday!


Hello! Another long absence from my blog, but I have a-clutch making. I have been buying beautiful (expensive) fabric lately, and as most of my creations are made of felt I needed to come up with new designs. Hence:
I like this one, it's possibly a little saccharine-sweet, but maybe that's what I do best? Available on etsy.

Also this one, possibly my favourite. I love the browny fabric, I call it bellflowers. I made myself one with polka dots, I should take photos.

I'm making many more this week, and am going fabric shopping again on Saturday and am going to blow the budget. Excellent. Sadly I have been neglecting these clutches lately as have been busy with the following...

I, along with however many million others, just finished the last Harry Potter. All I can say is "ooh...!". No spoilers here! But yes, I enjoyed it very much. It was a good type of closure on the series too.

Also met up with another Potter... Last night I watched the DVD of Miss Potter!

I haven't seen it before, I kept meaning to and meaning to and then it wasn't being screened anymore. Anyway it was lovely! I have always adored Beatrix Potters' stories & pictures, it was lovely to see them all animated. I have to say I didn't think much of Ewan McGregor though, maybe it was the moustache??

Also of note, I had a meetup of all the (maybe not all...) lovely Melbourne etsy sellers last Saturday. It was nice to be so inspired. I know it's copying, but I am going to list some of their work on my blog too.

creative, huh

You know how sometimes it's nice to drink a bit of wine and cook something great? In that creative, wine-y, I'm a gourmet chef kind of way. Like you pretend you're in Provence or Tuscany or whatever.

Anyway, so last night I thought 'oh I'll drink some wine and do some crafty stuff', with the expectation that the same spontaneous, creative fuzziness would ensue. How wrong I was.

Happy Wednesday!

So, we can't all be good at everything...

Yes, I said it. We can't all be good at everything. As evidenced by these little cuties -

I bought some felting needles the other day, as I have SO much unspun wool, I thought I might be inspired. Anyway, I've heard a few people say 'Oh, needle felting, it's so easy!'

Anyway, it's really not. It's quite hard to go from a big ball of fluff to a little woman (left), a green bunny (middle), or whatever my boyfriend was making (right). I think the rabbit's quite cute, not necessarily rabbit-ish, but not too sure about the other two.

Anyway, happy Monday!

things i like...

This is beautiful, no? Birds are both Beautiful and Fascinating, by Madeleine Stamer. See more of her stuff here - http://littlecircusdesign.com/

I was introduced to her stuff when reading my local paper last night, it was nestled in amongst the personal ads and articles about local footy teams. So nice to find great local Melbourne artists! I know there are so many, but I'm still excited when I find fellow Melbourners.

happy etsyversary!

I didn't realise until I checked today, but I have been selling on etsy for 1 year today! Congrats to me!

I feel bad for not realising, I should do something special. Maybe I'll bake a cake tonight. Or make some new goodies for you.


New! Cats / rats coinpurse on etsy!

New! Really annoyed rabbit coinpurse, on mintd!

New! Paper plane coinpurse on etsy!

Yay! Happy Monday.