excellent fabrics

These are some of my spoils from last Saturday...

I love the crocodile print. And the orange poppy-ish one... they had this in several different colours and I really did take such a long time to choose! The middle fabric in the top picture has these really gorgeous birds on it - last time I was in the material shop (Patchwork on Central Park, in East Malvern) they had the fabric in navy with blue print, but I think I like the colours more.

I also accrued quite a selection of fabrics when my mum and I cleaned a very small portion of her material stash. Again, I really should take photos, but there are around 6 shopping bags full of corduroy & cotton prints. Excellent! I'm currently working on some bigger tote bag designs (a bit more shapely than my current totes) so I should get through the corduroy in no time.

With the crocodile print, this clutch, available in my etsy store.
Today I am working on a belated delivery to Corky Saint Clair, and then later this week in my new part-time-ness, I will have my first weekdays where I don't have to work. Excellent! Am very excited. Will have much, much more time for my business, to make lovely things.

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