Hello! Another long absence from my blog, but I have a-clutch making. I have been buying beautiful (expensive) fabric lately, and as most of my creations are made of felt I needed to come up with new designs. Hence:
I like this one, it's possibly a little saccharine-sweet, but maybe that's what I do best? Available on etsy.

Also this one, possibly my favourite. I love the browny fabric, I call it bellflowers. I made myself one with polka dots, I should take photos.

I'm making many more this week, and am going fabric shopping again on Saturday and am going to blow the budget. Excellent. Sadly I have been neglecting these clutches lately as have been busy with the following...

I, along with however many million others, just finished the last Harry Potter. All I can say is "ooh...!". No spoilers here! But yes, I enjoyed it very much. It was a good type of closure on the series too.

Also met up with another Potter... Last night I watched the DVD of Miss Potter!

I haven't seen it before, I kept meaning to and meaning to and then it wasn't being screened anymore. Anyway it was lovely! I have always adored Beatrix Potters' stories & pictures, it was lovely to see them all animated. I have to say I didn't think much of Ewan McGregor though, maybe it was the moustache??

Also of note, I had a meetup of all the (maybe not all...) lovely Melbourne etsy sellers last Saturday. It was nice to be so inspired. I know it's copying, but I am going to list some of their work on my blog too.

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