Hey Baby!

Hey Baby! Greeting Card 3 Pack

Designing baby cards is such a fun & special job, having a newborn baby is one of the most exciting things that can ever happen to a person and it's so nice to think that my cards are just a tiny little part of that.

Hey Baby! Yellow - Greeting Card, plus Ziggy Gift Tags: Yellow.

I actually designed two versions of the yellow & blue cards, it's so interesting to see which designs get the best feedback and try and understand why that is so. Definitely the vintage toy theme is a big part of these cards.

Hey Baby! Pink - Greeting Card

My favourite is the pink card. I want that bunny.

Buy: Pocket Carnival Online, or Etsy.

(P.S. you can grab the sample version of the blue & yellow cards at 50% off in the Pocket Carnival Etsy store.)

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Vickie said...

they're gorgeous - I love the pink one :)

Sabahnur said...