Candy & Cocktail Party

Tropical Spa Party - created & styled by Boutique Affairs.

The weather in Melbourne is (slowly) warming up, the days are getting longer, Summer seems just around the corner, and I'm feeling like celebrating, just a little! You may have noticed things are changing a wee bit around Pocket Carnival - slowly I'm adding a few party supplies to our store, and planning all kinds of fun ways to use them.

The above is styled by Boutique Affairs, a Melbourne based events company. Too good to eat?

Geometric Wedding Inspiration featured on 100 Layer Cake.

I've also been spending a bit of time around the Internet and on Pinterest looking for both party inspiration and photography inspiration. There are so many amazing blogs (in particular wedding blogs) creating beautiful photoshoots to highlight amazing products and businesses - how amazing are the little geometric cakes, above, by Elysia Root Cakes!

Ice Cream Sundae Bar created by Eat Drink Chic.

Having moved house in the past couple of months I'm also interested in more permanent party displays at home. This Ice Cream Sundae Bar now permanently resides in the Eat Drink Chic home - I reckon a Smoothie Bar could be fun too!

Of course all these candy & cocktail bar ideas are just for fun - something as small as a couple of cupcakes on a vintage plate next to a vase of lavender from the garden is just enough to make your afternoon, I reckon!

Stay tuned for some Pocket Carnival party inspiration. xx

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