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Cooper & Campbells Room on Ohdeedoh

These are a few things that have been inspiring me when designing my new collection. I just sent all the new fabric designs to the printers last night, so hopefully soon I'll have something to show you!

I have spent a bit of time (truthfully, a lot of time) on Ohdeedoh looking at pictures of children's rooms and visualising how my new products would fit in. If you haven't visited Ohdeedoh before it's time to - it's the kids spinoff of Apartment Therapy, and it features real kids & babies rooms by real people. I love the clouds on the wall of the above room - you can view Cooper & Campbell's room here, and if you like the clouds on the wall you can find a link to create your own!

I love that Cooper & Campbell's room is not cutesy or kiddie, it's quite a relaxed vibe with a combination of vintage & new, and pretty much all the items could work in any room of the house. This is the trend I have noticed in kids decor lately - it's still fun & stimulating, but it's not age-specific.

L: sweaters by Jennifer Davis. R: Diamond Mug on Our Workshop.

I've also been looking a lot at the combination of pattern, illustration & object design. The colours in the artwork sweaters by Jennifer Davis are beautiful, and perfect for Spring which is what I've been designing for. I also love that by giving animals outfits we give them a personality - especially stripes & polka dots! Whenever I see someone wearing polka dots I assume they're awesome & creative and they always are!

xx Penny

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ejorpin said...

So much inspiration in three little pictures! You've described the lids room perfectly, it's clearly a room that will easily adapt and grow with the children (actually, I'd be quite happy if that was my bedroom!). And I adore the colours in the other two pieces you shared, lovely!