it's time to be amazing

Don't you think? I've been working my way through The Public Studio's Build Your Own Awesome creative business plan guide. It's helped me hone in on exactly what I should be doing. Like a lot of creatives, I'm sure, I've tried to do a more regular busines plan in the past which I really never refer to.

If you sign up at The Public Studio to get Ming-Zhu's totally awesome email newsletter you'll get the preliminary worksheets, which are also really awesome, and are a great preliminary resource.

BUT ALSO, Ming-Zhu released, on Friday, a brand new online course with videos and homework and everything, which you can see here.

I feel like I should keep Ming-Zhu a secret or something, because she's so so helpful and I can tell Pocket Carnival's about to go nuts with awesome-ness, but I'm the worst at secrets.

(Also, how many times can I say awesome this morning? A lot. There's this bit in How I Met Your Mother, you know, the TV show, where Barney says "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead." And if you've watched the show you'll know he's such a random character to be taking life quotes from, but it's such a good one, no?)

Oh, and the above art print is available for sale here in $AU and here in $US.


gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

always good to get some biz tips ~ the beci orpin talk sounded really cool! thanks for the links to the cwc etc
wondering what your plans might be :)

Ming-Zhu said...

Wooh! Lady, thank you. Loving working with you so much! xx

green ink said...

I agree, MZ is all kinds of awesome :)