studio photos: warm & snuggly softies

I just got myself a new camera (yay! thanks!), so of course have been taking billions of photos to try it out. I love it!

There's also something else new - pink kitten! More soon.

I like having 6 animal softies - it's much more symmetrical and a bit Brady Bunch - it's also way easier for my fabric printing requirements.

A while back I did a little quiz on Facebook to see which softies you'd like to see - kitten was number one. So here is!

Softie storage - seeing all their little legs sticking out amuses me :)

Something else new.... coming soon.


Margit said...

looks amazing!
Great work - so cute




Jessi said...

oh pink kitten is so gorgeous!!!

hmm i wonder what the fabric and ric-rac are going to equal.... hmmmm

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

but can they breathe?? I get anxious when I post the softies I make wondering how they are breathing in the envelope....!!!

Penny (Pocket Carnival) said...

Hehe I have softie breathing anxiety too! I feel like it's okay if they're in a paper bag, but if I put them in a cello bag I feel real bad for them.

Thanks for all your lovely comments!

xx Penny