Be happy - 8x6 cute art print by atpalicis

These sweet little art prints by atpalicis are absolutely adorable! The clean, crisp & delectable photography is what first caught my eye - they remind me of candy a little bit!

The artworks have a bit of a Japanese aesthetic to my eye, yet atpalicis is from Ukraine - very one of a kind!

Fox on bike - 9.7x4.9 cute art print by atpalicis

I think they're so joyful & fresh - the colours have their own story, and it's all so cute!

Red riding hood - 6x8 cute art print by atpalicis

I especially love this Red Riding Hood - I hope she's okay in there!

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Bianca said...

So cute! thanks for sharing... she looks comfy & cosy in that big belly ;)

Jessi said...

gorgeous aren't they? thank you for sharing.

Poor little red!

Sarah said...

I love the wolf's tummy! Very cute portrayal.