meat-free monday: tofu don

Something that I don't mention so often on the blog is how much I love cooking. I am also very passionate about vegetarianism and veganism. A vegan diet is way better for the environment - the production of meat/dairy consumes far more resources than the production of vegetables/grains.

Meat-free Mondays is a great idea, to encourage people who might ordinarily eat meat every day to go vego once per week. I thought I might make this into a fun weekly (or every few weeks) blog post and share some of my favourite meals! I always feel much better when I stick to a healthy, well balanced vegan diet (sorry cheese & icecream!) but we can all try going vegan once a week, it's fun!

Tofu-don is my standard, go to meal when I am in a rush. A donburi is a traditional Japanese meal of rice & either meat or tofu, which can be adapted in so many ways!

I always keep a pack or two of puffy fried tofu in the freezer (you know, from an Asian grocery) - it freezes really well, and defrosts quickly!

My simple Summer version of a tofu-don is: a layer of rice (brown rice if you have time!), a layer of tofu (I usually chop of puffy tofu, give it a quick fry with some onion, and whack on some plum sauce & soy sauce and any nuts or seeds I have lying around), and a layer of salad. And seaweed, for added health-food points.

The very first picture is white rice, corn, carrots & cucumber in a soy/sesame dressing & fried tofu.

Now that this first rather wordy post is out of the way, I'm looking forward to cooking some yummy things, brushing up on my food photography skillz, and sharing some yummy meals!


me. said...

those meals look delicious! i eat so much asian food but rarely cook it at home, really must give it a go. your meat-free monday posts sound great, i've also been posting meatless meal pictures as i've gone vegan for march :)

n o o k said...

Yum!I didn't know you could freeze tofu. Thanks for the tip!


Little Mo and Friends said...

mmm looks delicious!! I just took a tofu book out from the local library and it has tons of tofu recipes!!

Tracey said...

Yum! That looks delicious ... this is one I'll be adding to my list (as a long term veggo and committed tofu lover, I'm always looking for more delicious tofu recipes).

Thanks! :)

spectacularfairywren said...

yum - you just went to my 'foods' folder... and plum sauce and tofu on the buy list tomorrow from little vietnam...


tofu said...

Very niiiice recipe. Great idea with meat free monday. I wish more people decided like you. With this tofu it looks so simple :)