Houndstooth Owls!

I'm so happy with this design! I am really into houndstooth lately, and my like of purple has been building... I think they're pretty adorable!

When I started designing fabrics I created a little colour palette for myself, and stuck to it. I'm so happy I stopped doing that! My newer designs are a lot more colour saturated, and more fun! If I'm going to get the fabric printed, I may as well get it done in many pleasing colours, right?

Houndstooth Owls:
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Madeleine said...

oooo love these colours!
Well done lady xx

1000 Cats said...

Aw, how very cute indeed :)

ejorpin said...

Houndstooth + owls! Genius! Love their expressions too, they look quite gentlemanly! And yes, adore the free flowing colours