springtime with babiekins!

Hello! You may remember that a little while back I showed a peek at some illustrations I was working on? Well, I'm delighted to tell you all that these illustrations are all in the new issue of Babiekins! The Spring edition! (It sort of feels like Spring in Melbs at the moment!)

Even though I don't have any babies of my own (I wish!), Babiekins is probs my fave online magazine. It's free, bonus! It's beautifully curated & laid out, it's quite fast to load, and it's just lovely!

So, go take a look at Issue #4 of Babiekins now!

And, if you'd like, you can skip ahead to page 87 to check out my little contribution.

I've gotta say, I did these illustrations during some of the hotter weather in Melbs, so the colours are bright!

I'm thinking about using my three favourite illustrations for either pencilcases or coinpurses... we'll see!

xo Penny

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