hello, love.

New Valentine's cards! These were so simple, when I finished them I wondered why I hadn't done them a long time ago. My favourite is the houndstooth, in purple... Do you like it?

I know that a heart card for Valentine's is not exactly revolutionary, but I did want to do ones that are really bright & cheerful, and that you'd be happy to give or receive all year around, to anyone. I think the yellow is kind of nice for a new baby! Quick, somebody have a baby and I'll give you one.

I also have an increasing obsession with these really simple patterns - polka dots, stripes and so on. The houndstooth is new though!

These three are my faves. I think I might frame them - I'll show pictures if I do!

Check them out in the shop here! Or on Etsy.

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Camila said...

they're really lovely. You should do some with a different background colour as well!