gifts for guys

I know it's a little after the event, but I didn't want to risk spoiling the surprise of these gifts! I always find buying for men a wee bit trickier than for ladies, but these are some fun little gifts I bought for Christmas...

Left - Journal by Record Attempts - they're made of old records!
Right - Mug by Able & Game - I think the picture says it all. It even looks a bit like my dad!

Left - Zine by Andrew Fulton - this zine is adorable. It's such a little thing, but it has a great plot! Go buy your own.
Middle - iPhone pouch by Ambette - super handy, obviously, and very suitable for even the most stylish of men (and my dad!)
Right - Notepad by Nut & Bee - these are just funny.

Tea Towel by SpinSpin - awesome! I kind of want to write messages inside the speech bubbles...

I did develop a new gift giving strategy over Christmas - when in doubt give delicious edibles. With a lovely tea towel instead of wrapping paper.

I think I'd be happy if someone gave me a new toasted sandwich machine which produces lovely toasties, along with an awesome tea towel to clean up afterward? And a lovely loaf of sourdough. Yes I would. Although by giving it to Chris it's like a gift to myself... hah!


Jessi said...

all looks great penny! :)

CurlyPops said...

I received a Record Attmepts journal for christmas the year before last. I love it!

thea said...

oh my goodness!! You did so well cause the boys are tricky! I always get stuck pondering something for them... socks, tie boring boring.

anyhow, loving your blog!



Lauren said...

...ahhh so nut and bee has become rather dangerous and expensive for me! knitting knarwhals! classic!!! thanks for the new discovery!