delicious: our kitchen table

Usually when my mum & I go for coffee, it's to Our Kitchen Table in Malvern (just around the corner from the lovely Patchwork on Central Park!)

Delicious cookies & cakes, chai with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top, and super cute decor - hooray!

Our Kitchen Table
134 Bourke Road
Malvern East VIC 3145

PS: Sorry for lack of much happening, I've developed the dreaded Winter it-was-only-9-degrees-the-other-day lurgy!

my creative space

More experimenting with the ceramic pens! I'm really enjoying them, but my problem is that a- I need more colours, and b- the pens aren't that fine, so it's hard to draw how I usually do. So progress is slow! But there will be some for sale soon, promise.

And sewing... I've almost run out of my fabric labels, and left it a bit late to order more, so I've mainly been sewing zips into things lately. Important, yes, the purses would not be so useful without a zip. But not quite as rewarding when I can't see the finished product!

I must say today was a bit of a go-slow day as well, what with all the excitement involving our new Prime Minister. It's lovely to have a lady up there, and one who'll hopefully remain true to her leftie roots!

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bike envy: papillionaire

You know those awesome, vintage style bicycles that keep popping up in fashion editorials and design blogs?

Now you can buy your own pretty bike from a new Melbourne based group - Papillionaire. I would love my very own dusty blue bike, but will have to settle for the occasional test ride (one of my friends is co-owner of the biz, I'm sure he won't mind!)

I think I'd also need to get over my fear of driving anywhere near tram tracks - these are city bikes!

Visit Papillionaire here.

more mermaid loving...

I always like to have cards to match my fabric designs... just because.

Mermaid cards, available in the shop.

We love Mermaids!

Edited to add...
Oh, it's our June Newsletter! (Plus a sale...)

mermaid ocean!

Mermaids! Who doesn't love mermaids, right? I've wanted to do a mermaid design for a little while, I did some mermaid paintings awhile back (but don't look, they're ugly!) These ones are far cuter - there are three mer-girls and three mer-boys, and one of the mer-boys is playing a ukulele.

Partially completed - (don't copy it, you will get bad karma). I always do the illustration on paper, scan it in, colour it, then have it printed. This was way more complex, and induced more swearing, than usual - the image contains several layers as the tail is a different colour to the bodies, plus there's a lot more detail to be coloured in. Usually I will start by colouring the base colours - in this case the tails, outlines and skin, then fiddle with the colour of the clothes.

Skin tones are getting a bit tricky - it's okay if the tone of a tree or a fish or a pair of pants is a bit off, but if you get skin tone wrong you have jaundiced or sunburnt looking mermaids. No good!

The mer-purses are available for sale:
Pocket Carnival shop (in $AU)
On Etsy (in $US)

my creative space

Hello! This week I've been trying some new things. First - new purse design! Hooray! I'll list these in the shop tomorrow, and I'll be sending some little coupons to my mailing list, so if you want on it, send me your email here!

I've also been baking - delicious lemon cake! It's vegan, lovely and moist and very lemony... the recipe is here. I put in a bit less sugar to make it seem healthier.

And finally... I have learned my lesson after the little debacle a few months ago when I designed some fabric for mobiles, AND had it printed without actually doing a test pattern first (oops!)

This is my little tester - it's an old screen print I had from my tote bag making days. This particular little bunny will be going to a super cute 6 month old (she won't mind it being wonky!) but watch this space for softies soon - they will be made of organic cotton and stuffed with natural fibres - perfect for hungry babies.

new stockist: larry post!

Larry Post is an amazingly gorgeous website & such a clever idea, brought to you by lovely people: perfect! I've been stocking on Larry Post for awhile now, and I am in love with the concept behind the site. It's all about surprising someone with the perfect gift.

On Larry Post, you can Surprise Someone, do it Secretly, do it in a cascade of gifts (imagine receiving a series of Roald Dahl books, 1 month apart). You can even send a random surprise to someone living in your street!

I think my favourite section is For Fun - I'd love to be surprised with any of these gifts!

So, what are you waiting for? Get surprising!

winter days

Leek & zucchini soup at Ripe in the Dandenongs with friends. Cosy & warm, so good.

Plus their cakes are delicious.

my creative space

Hello! Something new: hand illustrated ceramics! These are three of my own pieces, little testers, but I've got some more ready to go, and the next little while I will be scouring the op-shops, markets & garage sales for pre-loved beauties to add a little touch of Pocket Carnival to.

So watch out!

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