bike envy: papillionaire

You know those awesome, vintage style bicycles that keep popping up in fashion editorials and design blogs?

Now you can buy your own pretty bike from a new Melbourne based group - Papillionaire. I would love my very own dusty blue bike, but will have to settle for the occasional test ride (one of my friends is co-owner of the biz, I'm sure he won't mind!)

I think I'd also need to get over my fear of driving anywhere near tram tracks - these are city bikes!

Visit Papillionaire here.


helena / little mo said...

yeah i want one too...the girls look nice in them cause they don't need to wear ridiculous looking helmets. But i guess it's better to look ridiculous then suffer a concussion.

In japan, especially the smaller countryside towns like fukuoka, everyone rides the old school bicycles. Girls and even men in business suits:)

Allana said...

*sigh* they are dreamy!! Thanks for the link (and the eventual dent in my bank balance - ha ha) :)

Alix said...

Do you have a blog button? If so I would love to put it on my blog!



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing! I'm saving this for future use. I need to learn how to bike first!

eef said...

Those bikes are fantastic! I have a mountain bike. It is not nearly as nice-looking. And not great for riding around town. =[

Do you mind if I link to you? I really like your blog. You can visit mine as well if you would like.