I started working on a new clutch design a few days ago. I've been thinking about it for awhile, I liked the shape of my old clutches but I kept getting feedback from customers that they wanted a zip & a pocket. (Yes that is out-of-print Lara Cameron fabric, thanks Lara!)

This new design has both zip & pocket, but it's still small & slim. Perfect! The flap on the front is a secret pocket for cards (or business cards). Excellent for a night on the town!

The clutch is just little, but big enough for a coinpurse, phone, keys & maybe some eyeliner? Mascara? 1 essential makeup. Perhaps just lipbalm. And because it has a zip you don't need to worry about anything falling out when you're tottering around in the wee hours of the morning - hooray!

I'm still just deciding 100% on the shape, but I love the rectangle.

And the birds in blue fabric is new - this is a peek at my latest delivery of lovely fabric, which just arrived a couple of days ago!


Jess said...

Penny - they are awesome!

IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

These clutches are great! Love the blue bird fabric too.

Veronica Darling... said...

Love the rectangle card pocket, very awesome, so you don't have to go through the rest of the money or coins to get your card! Yay!

Also, I've been making headbands with my scraps too, so fun and heaps good for hair (I don't use any fancy shampoo... just a bit of conditioner ... and totally you should only wash your hair once or twice a week)... YAY!

Tiges and Weince said...

Love the hidden little pocket idea for cards.
Great design.