pocket carnival fabric! and a sale!

I'm very excited, my latest delivery of fabric has finally arrived, and in amongst the fabric for pencilcases & coinpurses is something that might be of special interest to you: super new Pocket Carnival fabric!

I've been planning this for awhile, and now finally I'm selling fat quarters of fabric. I only have a handful of fabric now, but more birdies are on the way in the next couple of weeks, and in more colours too. (And maybe some other designs!)

My second piece of exciting news:

The new Pocket Carnival shop is now running!
A little welcome sale: 20% off all items!

Enter the code: newshop20off
And you'll received 20% off any purchase (valid until 2nd Feb 2010).
And, the store has free international shipping as well. Double fabulous!
(The code is only valid for purchases made from pocketcarnival.com.au/shop - I'll still be selling on Etsy & Madeit too, but the code does not apply there, sorry!)

If you'd like to be kept in the loop with future sales, new products & other fun things, please email me - penny [at] pocketcarnival.com.au - and I'll add you to my mailing list!


Michelle said...

That fabric is adorable- fantastic idea! I hope you have loads of success with the new shop, the sale and the great new fabric.

Anonymous said...

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Angelique said...

Adorable fabric!

almondtreeframes said...

The new fabric is gorgeous, and well done on the website!

The stock arrived and looks fantastic in the gallery, I will have to send you through a picture - now to work out where we can put some of that new fabric!

Anonymous said...

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