Lovely new Greeting Cards

And they're recycled!

Just last week I got my rather large order of card - it's 100% post consumer recycled, acid free & archival. I love it! I'm so happy I can now use it for my cards, and I've just listed a slew of new ones on Etsy & Madeit. Including a Christmas card (below) - I know it's a bit early, but it's too cute not to list!

To celebrate I'm having a Weekend Deal on Etsy - 15% off storewide! Lasts until Sunday night.

Just pay & I'll refund you the extra 15% or wait for an adjusted invoice.


Fantastic Mr. Fox

I just found the trailer!

Looks cute, right? I think once I got over the fact that it looks SO DIFFERENT to the book (which is one of my all-time faves, love Mr. Dahl) it looks pretty sweet.

View it full-sized here.

Grace Gichuhi and Teresia Ndikaru Muturi

I just read about the case of Grace Gichuhi and Teresia Ndikaru Muturi in this article on The Age website.

I would love it if you read the article for yourselves, but to summarise, Grace & Teresia came to Australia for World Youth Day last year, and have since applied for protection as refugees on the basis that they face genital mutilation or death on their return to Kenya - Graces mother was killed for refusing this abhorrent procedure.

They have been denied these visas.

To help:
You can contact Senator Chris Evans, the Minister for Immigration & Citizenship, via his online contact page.
You could also try Kevin Rudd, too.

It doesn't feel like much, but this is what I wrote. Feel free to copy & paste.

Dear Senator Evans,

I have just heard of the case of Grace Gichuhi & Teresia Ndikaru Muturi, two women from Kenya who have been denied status as refugees.

I believe that the torturous practise of genital mutilation is abhorrent, and that to deny these women refugee visas is to take a weak stance on this issue.

I urge you to intervene in this case, not only to help these women, but also to send a clear message to Kenya that Australia does not condone these practises.

Penny Eager

hooray! it's fabric from spoonflower

Look what I just got in the mail...

Fabric swatches from Spoonflower! I'm super excited, I wasn't too sure what size I could make my pictures or how they'd turn out as fabric, but it's so pretty! I got 1 swatch of regular cotton fabric and 1 of organic cotton... so excited!

And I love their little 'business cards' - tiny little Spoonflower fabric swatches! Genius!

Sooo... watch this space :)

now in store...

Finally, some new clutch purses...

Loving the blue ones for Summer! And sad that that is the very last of my Wild Geese fabric from Lara (I may have some tiny bits for coinpurses, but that's the last clutch!)

Find these in my Etsy shop, right now!

And a new print series! This is the Meadow Series, and comes in two colourways - this orange one pictured, or a green one!

Find them in my Etsy shop, and in about 5 minutes in my Madeit shop (Madeit's in $AU, hooray!)

today i...

Made lots more badges at Sticky, and worked on some new art prints...

Not too sure about this little guys stripey jumper. Eyes hurting in a good way, or bad? Hmm. Am waiting until I get my lovely new 100% post consumer recycled archival acid free cardstock (try saying that fast) to print these babies.

can't wait for... spin spin fabric!

Yesterday at Rose Street my stall was next to lovely Susan from Spin Spin... who told me she's about to release her first run of fabric! I'm super excited about this, as I love my Melbourne fabric designers (including Ink & Spindle and Aunty Cookie).

You can see more photos on Susan's blog, and also check out the details of her open studio next weekend! But seriously, polka dots and typeface? I already know exactly what I'm making when I get my little mitts on some.


Ooh, edited to add, it's now available in Susan's Etsy shop. Hooray for good things!

little pieces

I'm finally working on some more clutches!

I think I usually like to make small purses because they're quicker, thus giving me a greater sense of accomplishment. And my past week or so has been spent on much drawing and sorting things out. But, I really needed to make some clutches.

I'm working on a big pile with a gorgeous dark teal coloured lining, using lovely Ink & Spindle fabrics (including my last 2 pieces of Lara's no longer available Houses & Bicycles). I wasn't about the Sumor fabric (the top one) when I bought it, but now I've decided I love it! I think I'm matching it with some brown & cream vintage houndstooth for some geometric gorgeousness.

around town

Snapped outside that big carpark in Elsternwick a few days ago.

feeling crafty

The little briefcase in all its glory! I'm pretty happy with it, I'm thinking I had a wee bit much packed in, but it's cute! And it definitely makes packing up easier.

Now I have to work on a display for my clutches! Hmm. Thinking cap time.

I'm loving this new scissors fabric... so crafty!

Available as a pencilcase/sewing pouch, or as coinpurses. Perfect for the crafter in your life!