little pieces

I'm finally working on some more clutches!

I think I usually like to make small purses because they're quicker, thus giving me a greater sense of accomplishment. And my past week or so has been spent on much drawing and sorting things out. But, I really needed to make some clutches.

I'm working on a big pile with a gorgeous dark teal coloured lining, using lovely Ink & Spindle fabrics (including my last 2 pieces of Lara's no longer available Houses & Bicycles). I wasn't about the Sumor fabric (the top one) when I bought it, but now I've decided I love it! I think I'm matching it with some brown & cream vintage houndstooth for some geometric gorgeousness.


Blue Is Bleu said...

Those are some gorgeous fabrics!

Sam said...

Teal - is so pretty - you have a great eye fpr material colour and pattern! Have a lovely weekend!