paper planes

Just a little something we're working on at the moment. I did the illustration, and Chris has been invaluable as the technical-support-type-man. More soon!

project rungay

Project Rungay. Obviously I'm a little late in discovering this fabulously trashy blog, but be sure to check it out. Good times.

drawing, drawing

So much drawing... pictures soon!

my new bag...

... and I'm too scared to use it. I found a new op shop sorta near my house that I've never been to before... they had all the usual dodgy bags, and in amongst them was this.

It reminds me of something you'd see on Antiques Roadshow, not necessarily a very valuable thing, but it's totally gorgeous. It's all handstitched, even a cute little pocket on the inside. And all the embroidery... must have taken someone a very long time to do. The handles have tiny little holes drilled into the wood which the fabric has been sewn into. It's not in the best condition, so I'm too scared to use, I think it will just hang on my door handle and be pretty. It's artwork!

Badges & Soup

Badge bits! All ready to be made into lots of lovely new badges.

My new favourite tomato soup, made such a huge pot of this yesterday! Have added the recipe to my new foodie blog... Vegerati!

carrot love

Another carrot! I gave a coinpurse just like this to my buddy Wendy for her birthday - the girl who proved that eating too many carrots really can turn you orange. I thought it was funny, anyway.

little red

Too cute, no? Little Red Riding Hood coinpurses. I know I'm not meant to be buying new fabric, but I couldn't resist!

start of the year

This year I wanted to clean out everything in my house and have a fresh start on 2009. Today was the day to do it (on account of being tired/possibly still drunk yesterday). Of course, cleaning is always put off by me for as long as possible... instead Chris and I went for lunch at a favourite cafe with our buddy Simon.

I read about this cookbook on my favourite vegetarian blog ages a little while ago, and after a healf-hearted attempt to find it proved fruitless I gave up the search. Then Simon mentioned he had bought it at the bookshop next to the cafe! Score! I bought one too! If you want to see some recipes before you buy, check their website here...

Tonight we are making Chile Cornmeal Crusted Tofu (p. 125). Mm yum.

Then when we got home I started the serious business of cleaning. Naturally I decided to clean out my wardrobe first (to a little Thom & co.) - unfortunately this proved enough cleaning for one day. Ah well.

Happy new year!

Ingredients for a perfect party:

Vegetarian Jelly Shots: lots
White Russians (with soy milk so you don't feel squishy in your tummy): also lots
Vodka shots to get that kick: a few
Good friends: tonnes
Fireworks 3 houses away: lots too (best if they don't go off under someone's car - oops)
Lots of yummy pre-prepared munchies
Awesome 80s music

Knee pads (see 'things to avoid')

Things to avoid:
Falling over on the road (or, add knee-pads to 'ingredients' - see above)
80s music obsessive types (sorry, I didn't realise that putting Jackson 5 on was not allowed...)
Fireworks going off under someones car
Randomly crapping on about really specific things from Grease - sorry everyone!

Happy new year!