time to relax

Phew! Christmas is over for this year, and it's time to take a little breather. I'm using the next couple of weeks to get organised, rested and inspired for next year. Lots of time to spend on the couch drinking tea (and pink champagne), reading and relaxing.

I received these pretty cushions from my cousin Alice for Christmas... beautiful, right? The rainbow floral ones are from Oxfam, made in India and Fair Trade.

The beautiful wool cushions Alice made herself. I was so pleased when I opened the wrapping paper because they are amazing, and so so so impressed when she told me she made them for me! (Especially given that she's just had a baby, who is gorgeous!) They're made of wool jumpers from op shops, which she felted, and then she hand stitched them.

I especially love the pockets on the white one. Chris thinks they're a good place for a handy chocolate stash, I am not so sure!

Thank you, Alice!


Alyssa said...

Oh my goodness! The pillow with the buttons and pockets is such a good idea for storing the remote, cell phone, etc. No one likes those things slipping between the cushions...

Thanks for sharing this idea!

michelle said...

they are just too cute! how lovely! i want to hug them!

benconservato said...

I would be excited too Ms P, you are very, very lucky. Very sweet indeed.