holiday entertainment

I was pretty happy with my Christmas gifts this year. Amongst them were these gems - Infinite Jest from my parents, 2 seasons of Arrested Development from my brother (nice one!), People of the Book from Chris's parents, and the sweetest little cup & saucer that Chris found at Bob Boutique. Little Red Riding Hood!!! It's little, but a good size for me given the amount of half finished mugs of tea I leave scattered around the house.

Tea, gingerbread, books & dvds. Perfect.


Hannah B. said...

I will have to get one of those mugs! Little Red is my *favorite!* (& totally agree... good call on the Arrested Development!)

Vic said...

I ADORE your cup & saucer!

Nice xmas haul! :)

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Very cute little red cup. Sonia has some cool things.