christmas cards

I've finally sent my cards! I'm never usually (or at all) a big Christmas card sender, but this year I did. Why?
  • They're all 100% post consumer recycled,
  • I make them, so it's a bit tight if I don't send them to people...,
  • I want people to buy them from me, so should therefore lead by example,
  • The more you send, the more you receive (it's like a pyramid scheme that way).
I'm just crossing my little fingers & toes that they get there, despite the rather worrisome postal strike. Eeek!


helena / little mo said...

i got mine, it was the cutest thing ever in the post! you're a sweetheart you know that? thank you dear!

NeverEverEmma said...

Ooh! You have different stamps to me! I didn't realise they varied in different states??

heart charlie said...

That is so awesome that you sent all your xmas cards, and with great reason! I seriously just had to throw out 2 xmas cards because I never got stamps for them....Agh!