all mine

Hurrah! I've been having some super fabulous mailbox love lately... the best!

All for me!

I won! this fabulous appliqued hair pin from lovely Kim of Golden Dove Design. If you're lucky, you might be able to nab one from her Etsy shop!

I bought these handy jotters from Kirsten of Paper by Forget-me-not on Etsy... they're fab! Made of card & recycled paper, they're little enough to carry in one of my clutch purses, and stop me from losing everything I write on scraps of paper!!

Gorgeous lemony resin bangle from Bobishi - thanks Alanna! Love it!

Gorgeous hair pins from Mich of MichVanetta on Etsy... so cute! They're made from vintage buttons, yay!

And finally, I made this little clutch and decided to keep it for myself. When I look at it I remind myself to act professionally, and with love. Seriously. Aww!


Natalia said...

Wheeeee! Lovely photos Ms Penny! :)

Forget.Me.Not said...

Oh! You just made me blush! Thank you Penny :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Penny, I just read this post. I hope you're enjoying the hair clip!