My Friend The Duck

My Friend The Duck - Original Mixed Media Illustration on Calico
Whenever I finish a new painting (which doesn't happen all that often!) I like to sit with it for a bit to make sure it's done. And it is, so I have listed this in my Etsy store.

There will be an art print of this coming in the next couple of days!

My Friend The Duck - Original Art Purse
Something new - I'm starting to think of my coinpurses more & more as little artworks, this one is a bit more detailed - ink & acrylic on calico. Maybe not an every day purse? This is also listed in my Etsy store.

Happy start of the week!


Blue is Bleu said...

I love your work :D And I do think your coinpurses and mini art pieces... very lovely.

Sam said...

Sweet! A little fox with his little duck! So cute Penny!