the market bag post

I've been a little absent on my blog lately, but thankyou for your nice comments about my little painting!

One thing I've been doing, with Chris's help, is printing up a few organic cotton Fairtrade tote bags.

This is one of the latest, a market bag - it is not just flat so it is a really large bag, I've started using mine for my shopping and I can fit so much in there! And these bags are great, because unlike the green bags they fold up really small so you can carry it around with you and just use it when you need to.

This one is available on Etsy - Green Frog! You can see the others here.

I feel like since I had my little cold I've just been catching up a bit on my to do list, but that seems to be on track so hopefully there will be some fun things coming soon!


Christine said...

Neat totes! I just took a little tour of your Etsy shop and I fell for more than a few cute things. Especially those 80s-themed coin purses! So sweet. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

mixtapezine said...

just mentioned you on the mixtape blog penny - thanks for being a part of issue 9
justine x

incalesco said...

And unlike a green bag this one is really pretty!

Heidi and Seek said...

Ooh I love it! Good on you for choosing organic and fair trade, too.

helena said...

oh too cute pennybunny! good job chris!! hehe froggie!

tvkeen said...

Hi Penny, Just discovered your blog while browsing crafty sites. I will definitely be a lurker from now on - I even put you on my Google Reader.
Vanessa Keen

lyptis said...

Lovely bag! Very useful!

Hope ure feeling better now!:)