It's finally raining (it hasn't rained properly in Melbourne since mid December) and we're going through some very chilly weather. I'm enjoying myself, tucked up inside wearing my warm clothes and painting. It's amazing how much more I enjoy the onset of Autumn now that I'm 100% self employed and don't have to get up early and venture out in the rain to head to work! I've just finished making a big pot of soup for dinner, and am all curled up, toasty warm, painting some very Autumn-y things.

This is another little something I'm working on. I still just need a staple gun!


PinkLizzy said...

Lucky duck! It's so hot in Brisbane.

lyptis said...

Its so bloody cold!

I really dont appreciate it!

Its like germany, its depressing!:P

lyptis said...

But i like ur painting and congrats to the self-employment!:D

Now, how good is that!!?

rabbit and the duck said...

That's so great you can be 100% self employed! Does your Etsy shop and retail stockists keep you going, or do you do other things also? I'm working on a way to get to where you are : )