little achievements

Aaaand, tax return has been completed! Hooray! And my new invoicing system for wholesalers is complete. I almost feel like I'd like to be an accountant (almost). And a whole pile of lovely new things is now in my Etsy shop, coinpurses, pencil cases, clutches (more clutches over the next few days).
Lovely rabbits!

Enjoy your weekends, mine will be filled with sorting out my rather unwieldy fabric collection. It's the little achievements that are important.


Gina said...

The sweetest things I ever did see!

Emma said...

Very nice!

Also congrats on getting your tax done ;)

Emerald Arts said...

Hello :)

I found your etsy shop then wandered over to your blog, I love your creatures.

elkie said...

That one was so cute *sigh*!