best friends forever

More illustration - Best Friends Forever clutch.

I know normally a fox & a rabbit wouldn't be best friends, but I was reading Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dhal and I thought, why not? My version of the book has illustrations by Tony Ross:

Normally I'm a bit fan of the Roald Dahl/Quentin Blake duo, but I think the illustrations in this version are perfect. And so inspired, after finishing reading the book, I set out to illustrate my own rabbit-fox friends forever team, and I think they're quite good.

And then just now, exciting! I was looking for a link for Fantastic Mr. Fox and I discovered a film version is being made! With George Clooney as Mr. Fox and Cate Blanchett as Mrs. Fox! Swoon!


emma said...

That is such a sweet little clutch purse - I love the colours :)

Also I think I have an eidtion with the same illustrations as yours, I remember loving that book when I read it.

Nikki said...

What a cute little clutch. Love the illustrated flap!!!

Lara said...

cute clutch purse! Love the shape :)

oh and I loved Fantastic Mr Fox! How cool that they're making a movie!