i want one...

I want!! Gorgeous plushies from Le Train Fantome, a cutie UK designer...

Eddy Rabbit (above) is available here.


Sorry for lack of updates, have been doing good things though. Two of my new mini tote bags...

The top section of the bag is lovely fabric from Kirin & Co... incredibly highly recommended!
Hope you're all having nice weekends, back soon with more news.

etsy purchased lately

These are some of my latest etsy purchases...

BUNNY TEA Blank Greeting Card from Noosed Kitty

Treehouses . Satsuma Press and KirinCo from KirinCo
I never have gift cards and subsequently people I give presents to don't get them... I thought it was time to remedy that situation. Cheers KirinCo & Noosed Kitty!

organised new boxes

Today, I cleaned. Excellent stuff. Recently I was given about 5 bags of material by my mum, and 3 by my grandma in their cleanouts. They were just kinda hanging around like a bad smell, so today I reorganised to accommodate.

Big bits of material now live in my bookshelf (sorry books!).

This is the box of things listed on etsy & mintd.

This is the box of recently made items that I have not listed/given to stores.

This is the box of material that will do as lining.

This is the box of mini-buttons (in need of replenishing).

This is the box of thread. I love thread.

This is the box of unfinished items... *sigh*

This is the box of plain cotton fabric.

This is the box of lovely fabric (there are some new ones from Japan in there, yay!).

And finally, this is the box of new coinpurses.

dear rabbit, why do you vex me?

Dear rabbit coinpurse, why do you vex me so? I made you from Laura Ashley fabric, you did not look quite right (this was probably not your fault though).

Now I have made you in blue & white stripes, and again you have made me do it... I have put you on sale in my etsy store. I think in future I will stick to your cuter rabbit counterpart - grumpy rabbit. Sorry.

(Available @ etsy).

works in progress

Trying new things always inspires me to sew more, if that makes sense. However sometimes it takes a few shots to get it right. This is attempt #1 at a pleated clutch, very of the moment.

You can see how the pleats aren't quite distinct enough? I do love the color combination (it's lined with bright red) and I like the little bow. I'm working on a couple more at the moment though, they are more pleated, possible too much so? I will post those pics too. At least now you all know I do all my own designs...

Today I went to the St Kilda Farmers Market, at the Peanut Farm Reserve. I got lots of yummy things, fresh organic veggies, lovely pizza bases, had a yummy Mexican Hot Chocolate... and just as I was leaving I spotted these gerberas... the cute bunches were the same price as the growing plants, so I got too. I got an orange one for my mum, and I get to keep this lovely pink one. It's got heaps of little buds so I'm looking forward to pink gerbera goodness. I don't think the gerbera seller has been there before, but I hope he comes again.

the good and the bad...

The good: new coinpurses I've made. Both in my etsy store...

Pink jellyfish coinpurse, &...

Clever whale coinpurse.

The bad: the John Howard/Kevin Andrews 'there are too many Africans in Australia doing lots of bad things' crap from the last week. Honestly, what a load of rubbish. Cronulla, anyone? I'll let The Age explain.

another grumpy rabbit

Another little rabbit... grumpy as usual. I like the blue of this polka dot fabric. It's available in my etsy store.

This weeks thing that I think is hilarious - the bag is from ModernRadar - screenprinted tote with happy cupcakes, on etsy.
Today I made some muesli bars, so I'm off to eat one. Happy Monday!