works in progress

Trying new things always inspires me to sew more, if that makes sense. However sometimes it takes a few shots to get it right. This is attempt #1 at a pleated clutch, very of the moment.

You can see how the pleats aren't quite distinct enough? I do love the color combination (it's lined with bright red) and I like the little bow. I'm working on a couple more at the moment though, they are more pleated, possible too much so? I will post those pics too. At least now you all know I do all my own designs...

Today I went to the St Kilda Farmers Market, at the Peanut Farm Reserve. I got lots of yummy things, fresh organic veggies, lovely pizza bases, had a yummy Mexican Hot Chocolate... and just as I was leaving I spotted these gerberas... the cute bunches were the same price as the growing plants, so I got too. I got an orange one for my mum, and I get to keep this lovely pink one. It's got heaps of little buds so I'm looking forward to pink gerbera goodness. I don't think the gerbera seller has been there before, but I hope he comes again.

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