grumpy rabbit madness

I'm really loving grumpy rabbit at the moment, so much so that I'm having to sternly make myself do other designs.

Navy grumpy rabbit on yellow @ etsy.

Maroon grumpy rabbit on purple tulips @ mintd.

Olive grumpy rabbit on orange polka dots @ mintd.

To give you an idea, at the moment I'm working on giraffes, chickens and bigger handbags.

I finally watched The Illusionist the other night... I loved it! The original trailers for it didn't really do it justice I think, or maybe I need to stop being such a tightarse-wait-for-dvd type person, but it was an awesome movie. I love magicians and illusions and that type of thing.


Another post! Just decided to add this little coinpurse too. It's a bit experimental, and I'm honestly not too sure about it, so I figure I can sell it at a sale price on etsy? You be the judge.

This is the back... I think I possibly prefer the back, maybe something to work on?

grumpy rabbit

New, on etsy:

I feel that I've been a bad crafter lately, I've been so preoccupied in the businessy side of things that I haven't been making very much (which is a bad thing, because that's the whole point really). Anyway today I've been taking photos of all my new things to slowly unveil, and have been fabric shopping, not that I'm really in need of more fabric... Good to be back in action!

Penny Pig

How cute is this... I always have an affinity with things that share my name, and I think Penny Pig is a little darling! Made by Daniela Catalano, available on GeorgieLove.

little things

This is a little sneak peak at some things... A new new coinpurse (on the latest cover of Frankie...). I'm making a bunch of new styles, which is nice.
This is a little gift I made for a friend - a coinpurse of beautiful Japanese silk appliqued onto denim. I took the photo just as I was leaving to go to the party so it's a bit wonky.

And this is what my sewing table looks like most days... you can see little partially made coinpurses all over the table, as well as tubs of buttons, zips etc.

I'm just working on something which is why I haven't been updating for awhile, more soon.

new fabric

Today I went to the St Kilda Farmers Market in the morning with my mum, and then afterwards we stopped off at the sale at Patchwork on Central Park, in Malvern. I bought...

I saw the top one, I like to call it bellflowers, and it was really quite heavily discounted (I'm wishing now that I bought more). And I really like the colours in it, and spur of the moment I decided to buy more to make a quilt. Hope it goes well! The rest is partially for the quilt, and partially for some new little coinpurses.