grumpy rabbit madness

I'm really loving grumpy rabbit at the moment, so much so that I'm having to sternly make myself do other designs.

Navy grumpy rabbit on yellow @ etsy.

Maroon grumpy rabbit on purple tulips @ mintd.

Olive grumpy rabbit on orange polka dots @ mintd.

To give you an idea, at the moment I'm working on giraffes, chickens and bigger handbags.

I finally watched The Illusionist the other night... I loved it! The original trailers for it didn't really do it justice I think, or maybe I need to stop being such a tightarse-wait-for-dvd type person, but it was an awesome movie. I love magicians and illusions and that type of thing.

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Chris said...

I like your grumpy rabbits. They make me feel ungrumpy!