things i like

I saw a post like this at The Black Apple the other day, and here is my version of things I'm enjoying. Or that I would like to enjoy!

*Takashi Murakami: Reversed Double-Helix, 2003
I know I have professed my admiration of Takashi Murakami before... here it is again, and here is his Double Helix outdoor installation at the Rockefeller Center back a few years ago. (I wish so much I could transport myself to New York sometimes...)

*Fresh Fruits: Shoichi Aoki
Very much enjoying the art section at Readings bookstore. Looked through almost the whole of Fresh Fruits when I was there, and some other books including one which sadly I forgotten the title of. The book was all about stuffed toys, and had some Murakami toys which were probably the tamest of the lot... maybe a potential christmas present?? But Fresh Fruits... it's not like they put the best picture on the cover and that's it. It is smack-bang full of amazingly dressed youngsters from Japan, wearing these incredible outfits. Just down the street.

*I'm also very much enjoying the cake I made yesterday... it's almost gone. I wish I could say that my boyfriend has eaten most of it, but I think we have shared it quite equally.

*Also enjoying the idea of summer...

Also, am still trying to figure out how the eyes on my frogs should be. I just can't share him with you till he has eyes, you know?

cake & tea weather

Today has been so cold in Melbourne. It should, by all rights, be a sunny 30ish degrees. It is the middle of Summer, after all. But no, it's raining and 15 degrees.

In order to make myself feel better about having had a week and a half already of cold weather, and more ahead, I made a yummy banana and chocolate chip cake. It's vegan and has extra yummy things in it than the recipe said like ground hazelnuts and coconut and lindt (yum) chocolate, sultanas, yum! Here it is, all ready for when I ate it. (Not all of it, it's quite big). (Also, please ignore the inexpertly applied icing sugar. Do, however, admire my lovely cup & saucer combination).

And really it was delicious, especially because the chocolate was still melty.

I think tonight is dvd and red wine weather... yay!

bears & tulips

Gorgeous newest tote I've made, which I love so much. It's called bulbous bear in a tulip field and you can get it in my etsy store. It's actually the 3rd newest tote I've made, all the rest of my totes will be sold soon. This tote reminds me of pajamas and sleepovers. And nice things like that.

In other news I'm looking for a job again so soon I won't have as much time to make things and play on myspace and the like. *sigh*

Cinnamon Moon at Georgie Love!

Hello! Great news, as Cinnamon Moon is now available at Georgie Love, an awesome online store run by lovely Sally, in Melbourne.

Georgie Love sells my coinpurses, tote bags and wee little handbags. You can also get more awesome handmade goodies from other Australian designs and artists there too... One of my favourites is Dick & Dora (after me that is). Below are some pics of some of my goodies you can get on Georgie Love - they're all one offs so you can't get them anywhere else, at all. The tote bags are brand new designs, and are big and gorgeous and perfect for lugging you school books around, or going shopping with, or giving to your friend who has everything as a present. The coinpurses and handbags are little cuties to help you get organised.

that's plummy...

Oh also, I've been really obsessed with the idea of dyeing things with plums lately. I have a big bag of plums from my Grandma's tree. I did dye a dress with tea and wine, I hope it works, it's drying now.

Today I made a great coinpurse with sequinned material. I will make many more, and it will be like the 80s. Or the 70s. Bad fashion meets sequins.

bad idea?

i have a myspace page.


it's just new, treat it kindly. be my friend?

also i have been adding little bits and pieces to my etsy store, of late, but today was, and tomorrow will be, a massive sewing day. coinpurses, handbags, journals, all kinds of neat stuff. some will go to my store and some will turn up in many different places.