cake & tea weather

Today has been so cold in Melbourne. It should, by all rights, be a sunny 30ish degrees. It is the middle of Summer, after all. But no, it's raining and 15 degrees.

In order to make myself feel better about having had a week and a half already of cold weather, and more ahead, I made a yummy banana and chocolate chip cake. It's vegan and has extra yummy things in it than the recipe said like ground hazelnuts and coconut and lindt (yum) chocolate, sultanas, yum! Here it is, all ready for when I ate it. (Not all of it, it's quite big). (Also, please ignore the inexpertly applied icing sugar. Do, however, admire my lovely cup & saucer combination).

And really it was delicious, especially because the chocolate was still melty.

I think tonight is dvd and red wine weather... yay!

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