things i like

I saw a post like this at The Black Apple the other day, and here is my version of things I'm enjoying. Or that I would like to enjoy!

*Takashi Murakami: Reversed Double-Helix, 2003
I know I have professed my admiration of Takashi Murakami before... here it is again, and here is his Double Helix outdoor installation at the Rockefeller Center back a few years ago. (I wish so much I could transport myself to New York sometimes...)

*Fresh Fruits: Shoichi Aoki
Very much enjoying the art section at Readings bookstore. Looked through almost the whole of Fresh Fruits when I was there, and some other books including one which sadly I forgotten the title of. The book was all about stuffed toys, and had some Murakami toys which were probably the tamest of the lot... maybe a potential christmas present?? But Fresh Fruits... it's not like they put the best picture on the cover and that's it. It is smack-bang full of amazingly dressed youngsters from Japan, wearing these incredible outfits. Just down the street.

*I'm also very much enjoying the cake I made yesterday... it's almost gone. I wish I could say that my boyfriend has eaten most of it, but I think we have shared it quite equally.

*Also enjoying the idea of summer...

Also, am still trying to figure out how the eyes on my frogs should be. I just can't share him with you till he has eyes, you know?

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