new & nintendo

I've been so busy and in such a sewing frenzy the past few days, and I think it caught up with my last night to the effect I slept for about 11 hours... I went to bed at about 9pm. Oh dear.

Anyway these two cutie little coinpurses are new to etsy (before I steal them away for my stall on Sunday). I really like the new seahorse.

I'm looking forward to the stall on Sunday, but the weather forecast says it will rain!! However it hasn't rained on any of the other days they've said it will for the past 2 weeks, so hopefully it won't again. Maybe rain on Monday instead or something. Few showers isn't as bad as storms I suppose. I still haven't made tags for all my bags yet... I better get working. What am I doing instead of working though? Bidding on Nintendo 64s on Ebay... who knows why. I just got a letter from Aus Post that there is a package waiting for me at the Post Office... I think it is my 200 zips from ebay, yay!!

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Joanne said...

Did you know about GameTraders? They actually hire out retro game concoles including N64, and have a few stores around Melbourne... good luck tomorrow :)