long days...

My stall today at the Perry Street Festival went really well, I think. I always entertain hopes of selling out (haha) and obviously this did not happen, but I did sell a lot of things - most popular seemed to be the coinpurses and the felt badges. I met lots of nice people, lots from Friends of the Earth, I also met Sooz (I have only read her stuff in Mix Tape so it was nice to meet her!!)

(Above is the view from where my stall was). It's always excellent to do stalls to get instant feedback from people about what they like and don't like. Sometimes peoples comments can be pretty funny (like someone who wanted a really emo coinpurse for a friend - I couldn't help...) It is great to see what's popular and what's not. I wasn't really sure about my new giant tote bags so I only took a couple - they sold straight away though so I guess I'm onto something. Need to get sewing! Most popular fabrics were some Japanese prints, some vintage floral prints and Lara's fabric, of course.
Unfortunately yesterday I managed to break 2 sewing machine needles in the space of 5 minutes and am down to my last one... I think the sewing god is trying to tell me to take a break. Will list some more in my etsy store in the new couple of days!
A few friends and my parents came along for support (thanks!!!). One of my mates Debbie is an actor and I went to see her in Short & Sweet yesterday. For those of you who don't know, when you go to see Short & Sweet you're actually seeing 10 seperate plays, each approx 10 mins long. Debbie's play was awesome. Short & Sweet is running another week so check it out! This is a reason we're lucky live in Melbourne.

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