merry christmas!

It's been a long few days of eating, drinking and merriment, but now's it's over again! Had a lovely time, received and gave some lovely pressies. Scored some excellent Shinzi Katoh things, yay! Pics soon, but for now:

New to etsy, with more of Lara's fabric.

These chocolates are yummy dark chocolate truffles, and are to be taken seriously.

Melt 80g chopped unsalted butter with 1/2 cup thick cream (I used the King Island one) until the butter is melted and the cream is just bubbling. Add 300g (I used Lindt 70%) of chopped chocolate and stir till the chocolate has just melted. Leave to cool (in the fridge if you like) and stir once in a while so the butter doesn't rise to the top). When it's fairly solid, you can start rolling it into little balls and then rolling in cocoa. Done!

Am off for dinner with some friends tonight, then tomorrow will collapse in heap and eat all chocolates I received.

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