painting & gardening

I've been painting a lot lately, and yesterday I did the biggest gardening effort of the year! We have a huge weed patch with Jasmine and lots of other creeping goodies like that, and I've pulled so much out! I wish I'd taken a before photo so I could feel good about how much I've done.

I also planted Sage and Chives (garlic!) and Parsley seedlings that have been growing like mad in my garden. I was speaking to a friend about Sage, she said she's been cooking heaps with it lately and has been having very vivid dreams. (This may have inspired my purchase a little...) I also like the idea of cooking with Sage, it feels so old-worldish, like living in a little cottage on the moors in Scotland or something.

Apart from this, as I said, I have been painting a lot which is fun!!! I am painting chickens right now, as you do.

Ps... I was going to call this post 'Sage & Chickens' but I thought it sounded like a recipe and I'm too vegetarian to allow that.

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annalaura said...

Hey Penny,

I tagged you on my blog, the details are there. I hope things are going well!