it's been awhile...

But I am back! And set for some excellent new art... paintings!

I have been painting for a little while (a few years... 10 or so), but have finally developed some art of sufficient cuteness for my store.

Magic bear - original painting with paint and ink. 6 x 8 inches or 15.5 x 20.5 cm
Lovely bear! I wish I had stars in my garden. Available now in my shop.

Cabbage moth - original painting, 7" x 9".
I think she should have a more suitable name, but that's what she is. Coming over the next few days to my store.

I've also been selling at Corky Saint Clair, lots of new stuff there. I've been working on some lovely felt badges, rabbits and carrots and jellyfish. Mostly painting though, I have a few I'm very excited about!

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