more drunken fun

This is a top I made for my friend Jo for her birthday. It has since had the addition of gin, but even without gin I think it's great. Yay for Drunk Rabbits! Boo for hangovers... but yay for that white wine I was drinking :)

Also yay for Art Safari, possibly the only teevee show worth watching? Big crush on the director/ producer/ presenter Ben Lewis.

Boo for wheat.

Make stuff

Sew, stuff. This is my work space, and then the beginnings of a drunk rabbit, and then the end of a drunk rabbit.

I made myself this little drunk rabbit stuffed toy. It's a tiny little thing, probably about 3.5 inches tall. It was meant to be a pin cushion but I feel too mean. Drunk Rabbit, since the time I took this photo, has & Friends. I will show you soon, but coz they're so little they need full sunlight to photograph them and it's a cloudy day. I am meant to sell them but I can't. They're too nice. I said after each one 'I will sell the next' but it's not happening... not too worry.

Also coming soon are toucan badges, and toadstool badges. The toucans are pretty damn cool. I've also been making loads of Drunk Rabbit badges, so I can add them to my store, and working on some other neat stuff for you (if I can wrench it away).

Also, you can buy my stuff now at Corky Saint Clair, which is under Flinders St Station in melbs. More on this soon.

Mmm... vegie food.

Had lunch yesterday at Fo Guang Yuan Budhhist Art Gallery. It was amazing! I've been there once before, and every time the food is delicious and cheap. They have awesome kumquat tea which is think and syrupy, and the smell sweetly hangs in the air above you.

Anyway, they serve lots of their meals with mock meat. I've always been the type of vegetarian that has an aversion to mock meat, because it's meaty. Yesterday though, I had mock duck in plum & lemon sauce and it was great! Quite duck-like (from what I can remember). My meal came with little flecks of vegetarian tuna too... very tuna-y!

How do they do this though? How do you get a vegetarian version of duck? If you know, let me know too!

Nearly forgot - Fo Guang Yuan is at 141 Queen St, in the city. Open only on weekdays for lunch. Go there!!!

my market stall...

So had a stall at Camberwell Market yesterday. Didn't go as fabulously awesome as I could've expected, but that's alright. Sold a few little trinkets and chatted to some people, more on that soon.

Did have lots of lovely compliments, particularly on my badges.

Anyway, here's something to get you going - Drunk Rabbit Love address book. More of Drunk Rabbit very very soon (as soon as I get my arse into gear). You can get him, in my store, here.


So I spent a large part of today trying to transfer my cute little applique animals into awesome cg illustrations. Erm... didn't work so well. I was even inspired the other day in the shower and drew an awesome toucan on the shower door in toothpaste... it's amazing how different things look in the context of a black and white jpeg line drawing. Hmm.

So anyway, I want to write a comic. So far the central character contenders are Umbert the Unicorn (who already has a story), the Toothpaste Toucan or the Drunken Rabbit (he does look drunk). Will keep you posted.


Oh and these are for you to look at. I have two badges and one enhanced purse in my store, and these are many more that are ready... What is happiness if not a felt badge with button eyes.

Ok don't answer that.

takashi murakami

hello! so i found takashi murakami. he was on a television show which i did not see, but i heard about and i've been looking at his art ever since and i love it. here is some which i love. he lives in japan, which is sad for me as i do not. he is rather popular there, and in the usa, but he seems a little unknown here. so this is for you to enjoy, and go find more.

i will write more about him later, because i want to. the white one is called kaikai, you may have seen it before. kaikai.

Sweetness birdified

Here's another pic for you - these are sweet little birds I'm appliqueing onto sweet little garments. Unfortunately because we're still slap-bang in the middle of winter and it gets dark at 5pm I can't take good enough photos for the store, but here's a preview.